Television Shows and Movies Featuring Food Art's Creative Stylings



"The Wedding Band" - NBC
" It's A Man's Life" - NBC
"Little In Common" - NBC
"Outlaw" - NBC
"The Cape" - NBC
"Undercovers" - NBC
"The Deep End" - ABC
"Melrose Place" - CW
"Prison Break" - Fox
"Journeyman" - Fox
"Bones" - Fox
“Criminal Minds”- Fox
“Kitchen Confidential” – Fox
“Threshold”- CBS
“Medium” - , CBS
“Arrested Development” - Fox
“CSI: New York”- CBS
“Point Pleasant” - WB
“The Handler”- NBC
“Skin”, Prop Master - WB
“Mr. Sterling,” - NBC
“Felicity” - WB
“Its All About Me”, CBS
“Bernie Mac”, UPN
“Alias”- ABC
“Flintstones – Viva Rock Vegas”
“Galaxy Quest“
“The Kid”
”Resurrection Boulevard” - Showtime
“Profiler” – CBS
“Murder She Wrote” - CBS
“Town and Country”
“Addams Family II”